Friday, November 14, 2014

7QT: Using the Old Theme


Even though I haven't been "Picture a Skyline" for a while, I'm going back to using the old theme for now; the design created by the amazing Rhonda Ortiz.  To see all of my recent articles, check the archives, or find me online (aka at Real Housekeeping).  Now I have an online home that won't go away.

I'm also really, really excited to tell you that I was featured and quoted in Chattanooga Pulse (!!!) as a member of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). Read all about it! (Cover story!)
It's been quite a wild ride. Writing 1667 words a day is no joke, my friends. No joke. I am on my way to the home stretch! 
(insert final countdown music here) Actually mostly I am just listening to this over and over (and over) .....

I'm not going to blog as frequently as I once did under the Picture a Skyline title.... but maybe every once in a while. I will use this space for this and that, not primarily as a space for writing. As I mentioned, see  Real Housekeeping for the bulk of my writing.

A very nice quote.

A theology of peace... part in parcel with "for I know the plans I have for you" and "don't worry about anything..." and for the most part I agree with you, Tolstoy. And I love your books.;)


Also, I wanted to tell you about very cool website, unsplash, where you can find amazing stock photos for free! (hint, hint, free beautiful desktop backgrounds galore!) You can find it filed under "just awesome" on my pinterest page. Some photographers are so cool!  ;)

I'm not on instagram, but otherwise I'm pretty active in social media. See the right side bar to get in touch via the various social media channels! I love Twitter, spesh. 
AND! In case you missed it, make sure to read my 30 Books (30 books! I know, right?!) in 2014 post, here.


  1. Wow, how awesome about being in that article...and that you're writing 1667 words a day!!!!! You go girl!
    Also, your writing music playlist reveals that you are about 1000x cooler than me. I haven't heard of most of those singers/bands. Or I've heard of them but never heard anything by them. But when I'm writing, I have to listen to classical music. Any other kind takes up too much space to get my own words out.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I think it's because so much of my book is dialogue! I can write and think and listen ... the music puts in me in the MOOD!!!! :D Writing is fun!!!:)

  3. I have so much AWE and respect for anyone who completes NaNoWrMo! I tried it last year and just failed so. miserably. Especially that you manage to blog at all while writing!
    And I was just chatting with someone today about free stock photos. I've been relying on wikimedia commons but I'm heading over to unsplash now. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  4. thanks for the comment, Kelly! You should go for Nanowrimo again next year!